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Bus Schedule
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Saturday, August 10, 2019
school bus
school bus
New Numbers,

For Pre-K to 3rd Grade, there must be a person present when a child is dropped off at their home or bus stop.  If the bus driver cannot actually see someone waiting for the student, the bus driver will return the student to the school.  Please make sure all phone numbers are kept up to date.

Doors open at 7:55;   Instructional time begins a 8:10.

Dismissal time is 3:45.



15-4 Carolyn Nobles


AM Route:  Hazlewood Drive/Avalon Drive,picking up to Bungalo Drive then to Head of Holden (old 2093) down to Holden Elementary


PM Route:  Head of Holden (2093 old run) Bungalow Drive, Dream Center, up to Hazelwood Drive



12-3 Kathy Ball


AM and PM   Head of Bush's Hollow down to beginning of Bradshaw Hollow and Kirby Camp.


14-6 Justin Workman

AM and PM    Bradshaw Hollow and everything to the mouth of Whitman icnluding 13 Whitman Churh and Walnut Hill Bridge, exluding Kirby Camp

(12-3).  Both Price Bottom Bridges up to Holden Grade.  Main road ony.







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