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Parent & Student Handbook

Holden Central Elementary School
1034 Copperas Fork Rd. Holden, WV 25625
P: (304) 239-2771 F: (304) 239-2514

Parent and Student Handbook

The purpose of this handbook is to inform the students and the parents of the services and procedures of Holden Central Elementary School. Most of the information contained in this booklet is an expansion of the policy described by the West Virginia State School Code and Logan County Schools policy.


The vision of Holden Central Elementary School is that we believe our students are capable of anything through love, respect, and encouragement.


All Logan County Schools adhere to the West Virginia College and Career Readiness Standards for their adopted curriculum. For a list of the Standards and Objectives, you may visit the West Virginia State Department of Education website at The WVDE site is an excellent source of information listing state initiatives and current school reports.


Holden Central Elementary School has a federally funded, school-wide Title 1 Reading/Math program. Funding for this program is based on the percent of students living below the federal poverty line. One of our teaching positions are funded by this federal program. This teacher works with all students at Holden Central Elementary.

Each year a Strategic Plan of goals and action steps is written based on student needs and weaknesses. Details of this plan are available on our website, in the office, and by contacting the principal or our Title I Teacher. All children at Holden Central are considered participants of the Title 1 program and may receive instruction from the Title 1 teacher. Parents are encouraged to be a part of the school improvement team. Call the principal if you are interested in participating.

HCES believes that parental involvement is an essential and vital part of each student's education. We want to foster a collaborative relationship between family and school. HCES offers a multitude of opportunities for families to be involved in the school-wide program. Information about the program will be shared at PTO meetings and in the school newsletters. Parent workshops will be offered periodically during the year. Parents will be invited to school and classroom functions, and special activities throughout the year.

Student Assistance Team (SAT) is available to provide students support in areas of weakness throughout the school. SAT covers a multitude of areas such as academics, behaviors, and attendance. The Student Assistance Team consists of the Principal, Classroom Teacher, Title I Teacher, and Special Education Teacher. SAT is not a special education program.


Special Education Programs are available to assist those students with learning difficulties. Students can be placed in special education after SAT determines there is a baseline growth towards goals based on their weakness and county personnel (diagnostician and school psychologist) to determine needs and eligibility. A resource teacher is available to assist students who qualify for special education. Students qualifying for Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Occupational Therapy will be serviced by certified Therapists at the school.


Tennis shoes and socks are required for Physical Education classes. If your child is ill or injured, a written note from home is required to excuse him/her from P.E. class. Non-participation of three days or longer requires a doctor's excuse.


The counseling program at Holden Central Elementary is designed to help all children as they grow and develop. A student may request a private conference, parents may call the counselor at school to request a conference or counseling for their child, or staff members may also refer a child for counseling for various reasons.

Counseling conferences often focus on normal developmental concerns of children in an elementary school. The following are frequent concerns: forming and maintaining friendships, school work habits, family concerns, and improving behavior at school.

In addition to private counseling conferences, the counselor may conduct group sessions for children that focus on a particular concern. Also, the counselor conducts classroom guidance units for children. Typical topics for those units are friendship, understanding feelings, families, personal safety, bullying and drug education. Parent permission is not required for counseling services. Counseling sessions are confidential.


Report cards and/or midterm progress reports will be sent home eight times each year. Parent/teacher conferences are planned twice yearly. Should the need arise, a special conference may be arranged by contacting the classroom teacher. There should not be any parents visiting the classrooms or teacher unless an appointment has been made with the teacher. We sincerely urge your attendance at parent/teacher conferences.


In order to communicate with you throughout the year, we maintain a Facebook: @HCESbelieves for regular updates about school information and events. We also maintain a school website: Teachers also use folders to send home notes and announcements. Additionally, we send home a menu, newsletter, and calendar from the school that tells of upcoming events, announcements, etc. Teachers will send or post class newsletters weekly. We suggest that you create a permanent spot (on the refrigerator or bulletin board) at home to post these newsletters and monthly menus. The school planner that each 3rd and 4th grade student receives is another important means of communication between parent and school. School messenger calls are used as needed to inform parents as well. Some teachers use their own personal preference App to send reminders and messages.


Holden Central Elementary School is a 1:1 technology school. Students in grades 1st - 4th have iPads for technology enhancement, additional resources, and etc. Pre-K and Kindergarten has a class set of 10 iPads. iPads are to remain in the classroom at all times. iPads are provided by Logan County Board of Education and are used following WVDE Policy 2460. It is required that parents must sign the "Acceptable Use Policy" (AUP) allowing their child on the school network and devices. If a student does not have an Acceptable Use Policy on file, they will not be granted permission to use the iPads or any other technology device. Parents are responsible for ensuring an AUP is on file, and any costs, perhaps the iPad becomes damaged or lost. Textbooks are provided free to every student in Logan County. They should be used with care and kept in good condition. Parents are responsible for replacing lost, stolen, or damaged textbooks. A price list for lost books may be obtained from the office.

The school day begins promptly at 8:10. Please have your children here at school so they are able to be in their classroom before 8:10.

Attendance will be reported according to the county policy as follows: Students are marked absent when they do not attend school. Students who attend school less than the full day but 74% or more of the day will be marked Tardy. Students who attend 50% or less of the day will be marked absent for a half day. Please submit a written excuse upon returning to school for half day and full day absences. If your child is checked out early for a doctor's appointment, please submit a written notice the following day in order for the early departure to be marked excused.

A child's educational growth is hindered when he/she misses class time. Problems are created in general classroom procedures such as presenting materials and testing when students are absent. In order to minimize problems created by absences, the following procedures have been developed and are to be followed:

General information: A written excuse must be submitted the day the student returns to school. Notes more than 3 days old will not be coded as excused. Students are permitted ten (10) parent notes per year which will be excused for any reason.

Students are excused for the following reasons: Medical appointments (must submit excuse from the doctor); Failure of the bus to run (driver must verify this with school); School-approved activities; Funeral; Legal appointments.

Students are NOT excused for the following reasons: Vacations; Suspensions; Absence with parent notes exceeding the allowable ten (10).

Tardies: Students arriving to school after 8:10 are tardy and must have an admit slip from the office before being admitted to class. Parents must enter the school and sign in their child(ren).

Early Departures: Signing students out early is considered an early departure. An early departure will be coded in our attendance records as excused or unexcused.

Doctor appointment excuses will count as an excused tardy or early departure. If unexcused tardies/early departures become excessive, it will be reported to the attendance director.

Attendance intervention will begin if your child has more than three (3) unexcused absences.

Steps taken to improve attendance: Phone calls and/or Student Assistance Team Meetings will be made to/with parents to encourage better attendance. A three-day contact is made with the parent/guardian by the school when a child has three (3) unexcused absences. A five-day parent/guardian contact is made and a letter is sent from the county attendance director upon the fifth (5) unexcused absence. Referral to the County Attendance Director will occur after the tenth (10) unexcused absence.

The Attendance Incentives Criteria is as follows:

*"PERFECT" Attendance -- All day, every day.
*"FAITHFUL" Attendance -- No more than five absences.
The administration will provide an end of year reward to those who have perfect attendance.


If a student is absent from school for three (3) or less days, makeup work will be made up during W-I-N and will NOT be sent home. If a student is absent from school for an extended time, more than (3) days, makeup work should be requested by calling the school. We must have 24-hours notice to compile makeup work. All students must submit make up work within three (2) days of each absence. Makeup work will be given at the discretion of the Teacher and Principal.


On the first day of school, all students will receive a copy of the Logan County Bus Rules and Regulations. Go over these with your child to make sure he/she is aware of all rules and regulations to ensure a safe and orderly ride to and from school. Riding the school bus is a privilege extended to students, and this privilege can be taken away at any time for disruptive or unsatisfactory behavior. The school will give drivers full support in all situations and urges you to do the same. Specific questions regarding transportation may be directed to the school principal.

An adult must be at the stop/site of driver to receive children from the bus. Drivers will not let students off if they know no one is there to receive the child. Drivers will return students to school for parent pick up if no one is at home. Drivers will deliver them back to school for parent pick up. If the student is returned back to school twice in a semester, a meeting will be scheduled with the parent/guardian to discuss other transportation options.


Drop off: Students may be dropped off in front of the gymnasium at/after 7:55 in the morning. School doors open at 7:55am. PLEASE DO NOT DROP STUDENTS OFF AND LEAVE THEM UNATTENDED PRIOR TO 7:20 AS THERE IS NO ONE ON DUTY. HCES is not responsible for students dropped off prior to 7:55am.

Pick up: Students are dismissed at 3:45. Parents must remain in their cars and can pull into the pickup lane in front of the gymnasium. Teachers on duty will dismiss students to walk to their cars. Please do not block the school entrance lane as busses need to be able to pull in around any cars lined up in the pick-up lane.


Students are to come directly to and go directly home or to a sitter after school. If they are to go to a place other than that of their normal routine, they are to bring a signed note from their parent/guardian with instructions. Unless there is a written note from home to the contrary, students will always be sent home by their usual mode of transportation. A student's word alone is not sufficient reason to deviate from the child's normal method of getting home. If there is a last-minute change in evening plans, you MUST call the school before 3:00pm. Students going home with a friend must have a signed note from the friend's parent as well as their own parent note.


Parents that wish to checkout their child before the conclusion of the school day should come to the office upon entering the building. They will sign their child out on the signout sheet; the child will then be called to the office by the secretary. Parents are not permitted to go to their child's classroom to get them.

A written excuse should be returned to school the next day the child returns.
Please try to make doctor and dental appointments on days school is not in session or after school hours. Children will be released to parents or to those persons designated by parents, in writing, as having authority to pick them up. In cases of custodial disputes as a result of separation or divorce, we must have on file a copy of the court order stating custody. No teacher will release a student from his/her classroom without notification from school office personnel. No student will be permitted to be checked out after 3:10pm.


Please have an emergency plan in place for your children in the event that school is dismissed early and you are not at home. The classroom teacher will keep this plan on file to be utilized in the event of an emergency dismissal. Your advance planning will reassure your child and the school staff in the event of an emergency. Please do not call the school, as our telephone line is needed to get information from the Board of Education. Official announcements will be on local TV and radio stations. If the bus driver cannot safely deliver a child to his/her home, the child will be returned to the custody of school personnel who will then contact the parent.

Delays: A two-hour delay means all schedules and bus runs will be delayed for two hours. A three-hour delay means all student schedules and bus runs will be delayed three hours. A light breakfast will be served if there is a delay. PLEASE OBSERVE DELAY HOURS WHEN DROPPING STUDENTS OFF AT SCHOOL.


The WEST VIRGINIA STATE CODE OF CONDUCT states students shall:
1. Attend school faithfully, complete assignments on time, and work to their fullest potential
2. Behave in a manner that does not disrupt classroom learning or the operation of the school
3. Obey teachers, principals and others in authority
4. Refrain from aggressive or threatening behavior toward fellow students, teachers or other school staff
5. Refrain from the possession or use of any weapons, illegal drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products
The rules and policies at HCES are simple and easy to understand. Teachers will have classroom and school rules posted in their classrooms and will review the rules with all students. You can expect your child to be disciplined for disobeying the rules.


We follow 4 main rules in all areas of the school.
H - Hard Work
C - Care About and Respect Yourself and Others
E - Ensure that YOU BELIEVE in yourself
S - Safety

Teachers explicitly teach what this looks like in their classrooms and common areas of the school. Generally, we expect students to

1. Work Hard
2. Follow teacher instructions
3. Observe quiet zones in the hallway
4. Keep hands, feet, and objects to self
5. Be kind with words and actions
6. BELIEVE in yourself
**Teachers and students have developed more specific rules within their classroom.

Cafeteria Expectations: Follow directions and procedures; walk; use inside voices; remain seated; clean up after yourself; keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself. Do not give away or take food from another person or tray. Share table is available - only if the item is unopened.

Playground Expectations: Follow directions and procedures; keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself; be kind; don't throw dangerous things; use playground equipment safely; line up immediately when recess ends and enter the building quietly.

Hallway Expectations: Walk on the right side of the hall
Observe the quiet zones

Restroom: Be quiet, Flush and wash, Clean up after yourself


Goals: Provide the student with a program that includes ample opportunity for modification of behavior; provide a fair program in that all pupils charged with the same level of misconduct may receive similar action.

The discipline of a student body within a school, whether in the classroom, hallways, cafeteria, gymnasiums, or on the outside school ground is the duty and responsibility of all personnel in the school. Teachers will handle discipline within individual classrooms. First minor offense, student-teacher conference. Second minor offense, phone call home with student. Third minor offense, report to Principal and Detention during W-I-N. Students are to immediately report any problems to the staff member on duty. If a major offense occurs such as fighting, bullying, threatening a student or school employee, a referral is made to the principal. Administrative action will be in the form of written communication and recorded in WVEIS (West Virginia Educational Information System) as required by WVDE. Parents will be contacted when necessary.

Cafeteria and Playground infractions will follow the above mentioned steps.

Parents may be contacted to assist in acquiring appropriate behavior if necessary.

HCES will follow WVDE Policy 4373 when dealing with disciplinary actions.


The use or possession of any form of illegal drugs, alcohol, or tobacco on school property (including school buses) is prohibited. Any student caught with any of this contraband will be subject to strict discipline, including suspension or expulsion. Parents are required to comply with this policy on school grounds as well.


Weapons such as firearms, explosives, knives, or any other inherently dangerous materials which have no relation to the instructional program are prohibited. Too many times students create "weapons", tools, or instruments in addition to traditional weapons that can cause danger to themselves or others. Toy guns and pocket knives should never be brought to school as they can also be used to threaten others.

Toys and other non-educational items are prohibited from school, unless special permission is granted by the child's teacher for a specific purpose. These items become distractions in class, they can cause hard feelings when they are broken and sometimes they can be stolen or lost. Students are asked to leave toys at home. HCES is not responsible for such items if they are stolen, lost or damaged.


Cell phone and gaming systems are not to be brought school. Students who have cell phones or other devices out during the day without permission will have the phone taken from them until the end of the day. HCES is not responsible for items if they are stolen, lost or damaged.


We encourage our students to have PRIDE in their personal appearance at all times, as well as PRIDE in their school. We ask for parent cooperation in monitoring your child's appearance to ensure that our students both look and act appropriately in order to foster the best learning environment. Listed below are some guidelines for dress:

1. Headwear may not be worn except with special permission of the principal.
2. While standing straight, shirts, tops, or blouses must come to the top of the pants or other lower body attire. Additionally, tops should be modest and not low cut.
3. Shorts should be of moderate length.
4. Clothing may advertise products as long as they do not contain obscenities, profanity, or advertise tobacco, alcohol, or illegal drugs.
5. Footwear with soles must be worn.


Sexual harassment complaints should be reported to the teachers. They will, in turn, advise the principal that a student has made a complaint and it will be investigated immediately.


Registered health nurses are employed by Logan County Schools. They are responsible for conducting routine screening of vision and hearing. Students with serious and /or chronic health problems should be registered EACH YEAR. Parents should contact the school secretary or principal to complete the registration.

Medication - All medications, both prescription and non-prescription, that are to be administered at school must be authorized by a physician or other licensed health care provider with prescription writing authority (such as a dentist). This includes, but is not limited to, Tylenol, Advil, Motrin, cough drops, lip balm, etc. If your child needs any medication at school, an HS18 form must be filled out and signed by a doctor. We will not be responsible for administering any medication including "over the counter" cough drops, throat lozenges, medicated lip balm, etc. without a physician's order. The parent or guardian, however, may come to the school and administer medication themselves after reporting to the office. Trained personnel will administer medication with a physician's order at school. If you have any questions about these procedures, please contact the school nurse.

Parents may find the following list helpful when there is a question of illness and deciding whether or not to send a child to school. In the interest of everyone's health, students exhibiting symptoms of an illness should not be sent to school if:
1. There is a persistent fever of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or more when measured with an oral thermometer.
2. There are signs of respiratory illness such as, thick nasal discharge, frequent cough, severe sore throat, earache and/or drainage from the eyes.
3. The student has vomited within the last 12 hours, has diarrhea and/or stomach pain.
4. There is any undiagnosed (therefore, possibly contagious) rash or "open" skin lesion. The student may return to school after identification of the type of rash by a physician and a note stating the rash is not communicable.
5. The student has untreated head lice and/or "nits" (lice eggs) in the hair.
6. Special guidelines are required due to chronic health problems such as (1) a seizure within the past 3 hours or (2) a blood sugar reading below 60, etc. Other special guidelines may be determined as needed. Check with the school nurse if you need further information: (304) 792-2083.

Homebound Instruction -- If a student is ill and will miss more than two weeks of school, homebound instruction may be available. Contact Cathy Adkins, Attendance Director for more information: (304) 792-2043.


All meals are FREE to all students. If your child has a medically documented food allergy, please notify the school in writing. Meal menus are sent home on a monthly basis.

Students will be eating breakfast as Grab and Go in their classrooms this year. Grab and Go will be food items such as cereal bars, muffins, etc...Students who bring their packed lunch to school are encouraged not to bring carbonated beverages. No beverages in glass containers are permitted. Parents are encouraged to pack nutritional packed lunches. Parents are encouraged to eat lunch with their child on our SPECIAL FAMILY LUNCHEON DAYS. Each grade level will be assigned a specific lunch day and reservations are mandatory due to space limitations in the cafeteria.

Students have at least 10 minutes to eat breakfast and 20 minutes for lunch.


School meals and snacks have been made more nutritious by reducing the fat content and by offering fresh fruits and vegetables. State and federal guidelines require that only nutritious (low fat/sugar) items be permitted at school functions. We have students with medical conditions (diabetic, food and nut allergies, etc.) SNACKS ARE
AS PEANUT AWARE MUST HAVE A PEANUT FREE SNACK PACKED SEPERATELY FROM THE STUDENT'S LUNCHBOX. Not all teachers may have snack time as it is not required, or may opt to have a working snack time.


Logan County Schools has an effective allergy program to promote the safety and well-being of any individual with life threatening allergies. Parents/guardians are required to:
1. Prior to the first day of attendance after enrollment and/or after diagnosis, inform the school nurse, principal and classroom teacher if their child has a life-threatening allergy; and provide documentation from a licensed health care provider indicating the diagnosis;
2. Prior to readmission, students already enrolled and attending Logan County schools MUST notify the school nurse, principal and classroom teacher and provide licensed health care provider's diagnosis and orders
3. Work with the school nurse, principal and classroom teacher to develop and implement a plan for protecting their child from potential life threatening allergens.
4. Prior to the child's first day of attendance after enrollment, or returning after diagnosis, the parent must provide emergency medications, as prescribed by a licensed prescriber, if indicated for their child's safety, including Epi-Pen.


Holden Central Elementary School is increasingly aware of safety issues concerning our staff, students and parents. The following safety plans/procedures are in place:
• Intercoms are utilized by our teachers as a means of direct two-way communication with the main office.
• Cell phones are used on field trips.
• A two-way radio is located in the office to provide direct contact with our bus drivers in case of an emergency.
• Visitors and volunteers are required to sign-in at the office and wear a badge for easy identification. Anyone spotted without this ID is asked to report to the office to obtain one.
• Parents actively involved in our school are to report any and all unusual behaviors sited.
• The school expectations are clearly posted in all classrooms and throughout the school
• Fire drills/evacuation routes are practiced on a regular basis. Emergency drills are also practiced in the event of an emergency. (Fire, chemical leaks)
• Teachers and the administrator are on duty each morning and afternoon to monitor students/adults entering/exiting the building.
• A "buzz in" security system is located on the main entrance.
• An active school safety committee meets bi-monthly or as needed to address concerns.


During an emergency drill or actual event, the following procedures will be followed:
• All outside exits will be locked from the outside.
• NO ONE MAY ENTER OR EXIT THE BUILDING after the lock-down takes place.
The building administrator will wait until the "all clear" notification in case of an actual emergency.
• Students will be supervised at all times by staff members and will have access to bathroom facilities, food, water, and medicine.
• Parents are advised to not come to the school during an actual emergency. They will find the building secured and will only be placing themselves in danger.
• Parents are asked to not call the school during an emergency. The phone lines need to be open for the school to communicate with emergency personnel and with county office personnel.
The intent of emergency procedures is to ensure the safety and well-being of students. This is best accomplished by students staying where they are under the supervision of the HCES staff. Your cooperation and support is important.


All visitors must sign in at the office and receive a visitor's pass before going anywhere else in the building. Meetings with teachers to discuss your child, PTO business, or other business should be scheduled ahead of time with the teacher. There should not be any visitors to the classrooms unless an appointment has been made with the teacher or it is a special day for parents to attend a school activity. Parents and visitors are not to park in the bus lane during loading and unloading times. Generally, this is 7:50-8:10am and 3:30-4:00pm.


The Holden Central Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization serves to build a closer working relationship between the school and the community. Through the efforts of parents and other community members, services and additional funds for improving the school are provided.


We encourage mothers, fathers, grandparents, and any other community members to assist us in providing supplemental and enriching activities for the students as well as giving supportive services to our teachers. Volunteers are REQUIRED TO have the Parent/Guardian Volunteer Training and be approved as a parent volunteer by the Board of Education. Volunteers are not permitted to directly supervise students and are required to adhere to confidentiality procedures. Some of the volunteer activities include:

*Clerical - assist by typing and/or copying materials for teachers, and preparing resource materials for classes, such as bulletin boards, etc.
*Beautification - upkeep of flower beds, shrubbery, etc.
*Read Aloud-Reading stories aloud to classes.


While volunteering at school, you may inadvertently see and/or hear information about a student. It is extremely important to keep all such information confidential. It is not appropriate to view and/or discuss student records, grades or any other student information with other parents or staff. Any questions, concerns, etc. a volunteer may experience should only be discussed with the teacher involved or with the school administration. Please note that HCES staff will not discuss information about any student except your own child with you, nor will they discuss another staff member without them present.



Students will be permitted to use the school phone for emergencies only.


Party invitations can be distributed at school if every child in the class gets an invitation. Our faculty senate strongly feels that this policy is necessary to protect our student's feelings and to maintain an environment that is conducive to learning. Also, please remember birthday parties are not permitted at school during instructional time.


All items found should be turned into the lost & found area near the main office. Inquiry should be made promptly at the office for any lost item. Parents should mark each child's name on belongings for easy identification.

The lost & found is emptied on the last school day of each month due to space constraints. Unclaimed items are donated to the school's clothes closet. Holden Central Elementary School is not responsible for items lost at school.




The federal government requires us to notify you that you have a right to request and receive timely information on the professional qualifications of your children's classroom teachers. If you so desire, you may request the following information:
1 Whether the teacher has met state qualifying and licensing criteria for the grade level(s) and subject areas to which the teacher is assigned;
2 Whether the teacher is teaching under emergency or other provisional status;
3 The baccalaureate degree/major the teacher and any other graduate certification or degree held by the teacher; and
4 Whether the child is provided services by paraprofessionals and, if so, their qualifications.
If you request this information, please do so in writing. We will respond to your inquiry within the timelines established under the "Freedom of Information Act".


The following list will help you and your child have a positive school year:

• Ask your child about school each and every day. Ask leading questions in order to get more than one-word answers.

• READ, READ, READ. Read to or with your child every day. Make it a fun activity and remember to discuss what you read.

• Make home a place for learning. Help your child practice math, reading, etc. through every day activities at home.

• Promote healthy habits. Make sure your child gets plenty of sleep and exercise and eats balanced meals.

• Be a role model. Your child learns from you. Be positive about education and his/her teacher and show you enjoy learning.

• Encourage independence. Allow your child to make mistakes and learn to accept their consequences. Give your child responsibilities at home, such as household chores.

• Create a study routine. Set a time and quiet place for your child to work every day. Go over homework together.

• Build success. Help raise your child's self-esteem by setting reachable goals and praising your child's efforts, not just results.

• Make school important. Insist on good attendance and punctuality.

• Review good behavior rules. Make sure your child knows what is expected at school, such as following rules and taking turns.

• Have an emergency plan in place. Make sure your child knows what to do if the unexpected happens. Where should they go after school if you're not home? Where should they go if school is unexpectedly dismissed early?

• Communicate, communicate, communicate. It is important to tell the teacher information she needs to know about your child. It is equally important to ask questions when you need clarification. Communication between the school and parent must flow both ways to be truly effective.

• Read your school newsletters, calendars and menus. The school provides planners to all students in grades 3-4. The planner is designed not only to keep your child focused on school tasks; it also serves as a tool of communication between the teacher and parent. Check your child's folder daily.

• Get involved. Join PTO. At Holden Central Elementary, we invite everyone to attend school events, visit the teachers, and volunteer for various jobs/activities...take an active role in your child's school.

Please know that our school is here to provide your child a safe, loving, fun, learning environment. If you have any questions or concerns, please call the school at (304) 239-2771 or visit Principal, Mrs. Marcum. Mrs. Marcum has an open door policy, meaning that you are welcome to visit her office at any time she is in the building.


At Holden Central Elementary, we can promise that your child will be loved, safe, and educated.




Parent and Student Handbook
Signature Sheet

I, _______________________________, have read and
Parent/Guardian Name
understand the Parent/Student Handbook for Holden Central Elementary School.

I have reviewed the rules and expectations with my child.

I understand that the school will follow all LCBOE and WVDE Policies and Procedures.

I agree to take an active part in my child's education.


Student Signature

Parent Signature



**Please return ONLY this sheet and keep the Handbook for future information. This sheet must be returned within the first week of school.